Wallpaper Adhesive

Selleys Wallpaper Adhesive is a ready mixed wallpaper adhesive.



  • No dilution needed
  • Suitable for most wallpapers
  • Easy to spread and strong adhesion

Ideal For
Most wallpaper types

Wallpaper Adhesive

Size: 1 litre

Colour: Beige

How To Use

1. Surface must be flat and clean.

2. Wipe off all moisture, oil and other foreign matters on wall surface.

3. Paint layer and former wallpaper must be scrap off for maximum wallpaper adhesion.

4. Use a brush or roller to apply Selleys Wallpaper Adhesive on the back of wallpaper.

5. Start from the middle of wallpaper and towards the edge of wallpaper.

6. Please stick the wallpaper from top of the wall to down position.

7. Smoothing the wallpaper from the center outward using plastic scrapper.

8. You have about 5 to 10 minutes to perfect placement of wallpaper.

9. Carefully push any bubbles out toward the borders.

10. Wash off excess adhesive with a damp natural sponge.

Data Sheet

TDS- Wallpaper Adhesive